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More than a dance studio

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At Crystal Ballroom Canberra, we take immense pride in being a dedicated space for the thriving ballroom dance community in Canberra. Our founder, Joel Player, is not only the owner but also a passionate ballroom dancer himself.


Joel's vision for Crystal Ballroom Canberra is to provide a welcoming haven for all ballroom dance studios, students, and teachers in the Canberra community. We're here to support and nurture the love of dance, and we wholeheartedly extend an invitation to all dance studios to make use of our facility.


It's worth noting that while Joel does dance at Dales Ballroom Dancing, Crystal Ballroom Canberra is open to everyone, regardless of their affiliation. We believe in inclusivity and aim to offer our space at available times to accommodate the needs of the entire dance community.


Don't be misled by our name and mission. Our studio is a perfect fit for a wide range of dance and fitness activities, including Zumba, Jazzercise, and Calisthenics classes. Whether you're in search of a venue for private lessons or group classes, Crystal Ballroom Canberra has got you covered.

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